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A fiery entrance for Blaze Type

Founded in 2016 by Matthieu Salvaggio, Blaze Type’s mythically-inspired typefaces have become powerhouses in the high-end and European scenes. Now, the Lyon-based foundry joins Type Network. We sat down with Salvaggio to learn about his typefaces’ pagan origins, the foundry’s…

About Blaze TypeFonts straight from the Blaze!

Blaze Type is an independent type foundry designing retail and custom fonts for blazing hot projects.

Blaze Type’s international team of experts work in close collaboration to create stunning and innovative typefaces. Over the years, they have developed a unique approach to better address the needs of font users by putting them at the center of everything Blaze does. As a result, the Blaze team offers a rich and ever-evolving catalog of typefaces that stand the test of time. They also put their expertise at the service of ambitious brands, designing custom typefaces that stand out from the crowd.


Matthieu Salvaggio

Matthieu Salvaggio is a French type designer and art director who founded Blaze Type in 2016. Since then, he has been involved in the design and production of an internationally recognized font catalog, advocating for more transparency in the font licensing system and type design education.